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Universal Relocation Systems is one of the most respected and trusted moving companies in Dekalb, IL. Especially when moving out of state, it is essential for people to select movers with years of experience and unparalleled expertise. After all, the company has physical possession of the customer’s belongings usually for days. For that reason, customers want peace of mind that their items will arrive on time and undamaged. Call your trusted movers in Dekalb, IL for a free quote today!

As a full-service company, we help people moving out of state. With 60 plus years of experience, we know that this is typically a stressful time. To give customers the peace of mind they need, we stay transparent from start to finish. If they have questions or need updates, we will gladly provide whatever information helps put them at ease. At Universal Relocation Systems, we strive to streamline every phase of the process.


Professional Movers in Dekalb, IL from Universal Relocation Systems

As imagined, there is a lot more that goes into moving out of state than staying in the same town. Because we are an agent for North American Van Lines, we have access to a superior fleet of trucks. Our team also utilizes top-quality materials, supplies, and equipment to finish the job quickly without ever compromising on quality.

From packing and unpacking to loading and unloading boxes from the moving truck, our experts take immense pride in their work. That means they follow strict company policies and use the most innovative solutions to protect the customer’s belongings throughout the entire journey.


Turning to a Trusted Source

If you have plans for moving out of state, we would love the opportunity to help. As a family-owned business, we invest in our customers to ensure a positive experience. We promise to do whatever it takes to earn your trust and deliver on the promises we make. Instead of overcharging for high-caliber services, we keep our prices affordable.

Whether your move is small or large, we have the necessary qualifications to provide you with flawless service. We know that out-of-state moves require careful planning and preparation. At Universal Relocation Systems, we eliminate stress and confusion for our Dekalb, IL, customers by not losing or damaging goods and keeping the relocation process on track.


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For both residential and commercial moving companies in Dekalb, IL, we will transport your belongings and treat you with the utmost respect, from start to finish. Contact us today to see how our experienced movers in Dekalb, IL can help.


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