International Movers in Machesney Park, IL

Professional International Movers Based in Machesney Park, IL

All moves entail some level of stress; however, relocating to another country is a completely different beast. In addition to finding professional international movers, you need to learn information about the country’s history and customs, find a home, determine the best mode of transportation, deal with a different currency, and, in some instances, learn a new language. Although we cannot assist with everything, as experts in international relocations, our staff at Universal Relocation Systems can streamline the moving process.

We know that the depth of work involved with moving to a different country entails far more than boxing your belongings and transporting them. We offer full-service relocations, which means we take care of the required logistics. Once you hire our company, we go to work putting all the pieces of the puzzle together on your behalf.

As part of our logistics services, our team of international movers specializes in determining the best transportation method and the organizes your shipment accordingly. Whether that includes ground, water, air, rail, or a combination of several modes, we choose the appropriate method to ensure that your possessions arrive on the day stated in your contract. Although things can go awry, at Universal Relocation Systems, they seldom do because of our level of expertise with international moves.


International Movers in Machesney Park and Rockford, IL

In addition to transportation, we carefully complete and submit all required documentation. After all, the last thing we want is for customs to hold up your shipment because of an error. We can also arrange for temporary warehousing in the new country if needed. We have multiple contacts with trusted third-parties: Because of that, you never have to worry about your stored items’ security.

All our international movers at Universal Relocation Systems are 100-percent dedicated to customer satisfaction. From the day of the move until a crew places the last box inside your new home or business, they, as well as our entire office staff, do everything humanly possible to ensure a positive experience.


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Even with excellent international moving services, at Universal Relocation Systems, we keep our prices affordable. For help with your upcoming move, give us a call or fill out our online form today.