Moving Tips from Movers in Machesney Park, IL & Rockford, IL

Simplify Your Move with Moving Tips from Movers in Machesney Park, IL


Spring Clean

  • Take the opportunity to sort through your possessions and decide what is worth moving. If you don’t like it and don’t use it, don’t move it.
  • If you’re moving locally, consider moving the small stuff yourself, especially fragile items that require special care such as lamps and lampshades.
  • Whether local or long distance, it always costs less to move less.



  • Disconnect water lines from washing machines and refrigerators.
  • Disconnect and cap gas lines from dryers.
  • Label and organize wires from electronics such as TVs and stereos to make them easier to move and reconnect.
  • Drain the fuel out of any yard equipment, with the exception of riding lawn mowers.



  • Designate an area for things you don’t want on the truck such as keys, wallets, checkbooks and favorite children movies and toys.
  • Separate things that should stay with the house such as spare keys, garage door openers and household extras like tile, flooring and touch-up paint.
  • Professional Movers like to stack boxes, make sure you use cartons with lids and make sure you close lids.
  • More important then what room an item came from is where you want it to go to. Clearly label what room you want your box to go to in your new house.
  • Professional Movers are not allowed to transport certain items such as explosive and flammables so you should not pack them. Ask your mover if you have a question about a specific item.












Did You Know?

We know there are other moving companies in Illinois that you can choose, but we’re confident in our reputation and our four-plus decades of work and experience in the moving industry. We know our stuff, and how to take care of your stuff! Whether you’re looking for Woodstock, Rockford, Janesville, Machesney Park or Beloit Professional movers, Universal Relocation Systems can assist you for a flawless move throughout northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Please take the time to read our packing and moving tips below for a better moving experience.

  • Invest in legitimate moving boxes. A moving line such as North American offers moving boxes in many different sizes that are designed to carry your precious items and to protect them through the ups and downs of moving. These boxes are not the same thing as old shoe boxes and appliance boxes that get drafted in the service of moving – they are far more durable and can normally be used time and again.
  • Fragile items are always the ones that customers worry about the most. Consider having them professionally packed.
  • Figurines, curios and other delicate items need to be well-protected with plenty of cushioning for moving.
  • Bubble wrap, packing paper, and newspaper are good packing materials. Always fill the boxes to the top, even if it’s just with paper. This helps prevent the crushing of the box.
  • Lightboxes always go on top of heavier items. It’s a good idea to keep boxes with fragile items, such as hats and lampshades, in lighter boxes.


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We hope these additional moving tips will help you as you prepare to transition to a new living space with all of your valuable possessions. As always, Universal Relocation Systems stands ready to assist you as one of the premier, full-service moving companies in Illinois. Give our professional movers a call or contact us today so we can help you to have a great moving experience this year!